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Classic Crystal Clear Acrylic Lightsaber Stand with Engraved Text


note that the Lightsaber as appeared in the photos is excluded. This is a Perfectly clear Acrylic Remain with Laser Engraved Content that ought to be good with any Lightsabers.

The width of the stand is 19 cm. You can decide to have the supports at the two sides a similar tallness be choosing 'Standard' alternative, or to have one side marginally higher (6 mm higher) than the other by picking 'Graflex/MPP'. It is suggested that you pick the support stature alternative 'Graflex/MPP' on the off chance that you intended to utilize the represent sabers with holds like Graflex or MPP, or on the off chance that you wanted to show your Lightsaber while the cutting edge is embedded. For Lightsaber that has (or generally has) steady OD, you should pick the choice 'Standard' to have your handle shown appropriately on the stand. For 'Graflex/MPP' choice it is as a matter of course higher on the correct side. Send me a note on the off chance that you need the left side to be higher. I have likewise included a 'Luke ROTJ' choice for you in the event that you need the alternative that is balanced only to fit 'KR Legend'. Recall that the support tallness is as yet higher on the correct side. If it's not too much trouble send me a note on the off chance that you need higher support to be on the left instead.

Cradle choices guidelines:

Best for Korbanth Graflex 2.0/2.5, Vintage Graflex, Korbanth MPP, Korbanth DV6 and other comparable models

'Luke ROTJ'
Best for KR Legend, Solo's Hold V2 and other comparable models

Best for every single other saber which has essentially reliable outside width of the handle for example KR Profound Section Qui-Gon Jinn, Korbanth DM1 and other comparative models

Please additionally note that because of the considerable number of choices accessible for this stand, this is a specially made item which requires 7-14 days lead time before they are prepared to ship.

All the stands are tried to fit appropriately preceding transportation. When collect your acrylic stand, don't place an excess of power into embeddings the plaque inside the supports. The support is made to fit either side of the plaque , not both. On the off chance that it is excessively close or excessively free, take a stab at embeddings that side of the plaque inside another support. The most ideal path is to lay the support level on the table, and attempt to embed the plaque by pushing it down inside the support vertically. In the event that you break your stand while gathering it, I will take no capable in swapping it for nothing. All the stands are cut decisively for its supports because of the chance of thickness contrasts of Acrylic sheet, subsequently the supports can't be exchanged with supports from a lot of another stand. On the off chance that you need a particular side of the support to be higher than the other, if you don't mind make a note while making the buy to tell me. Else I will decide for you as I see fit.

The standard transportation choice methods your thing will be delivered with DHL Web based business Parcel In addition to Universal. On the off chance that you live in the US, it should take around 14-21 days to be conveyed. You can follow your bundle through DHL Internet business site 'https://ecommerceportal.dhl.com/track/'.

If you decide to move up to DHL Express Around the world, your shipment will take 3 days after it is dispatched to be conveyed. It would be ideal if you additionally leave me a note of your telephone number so DHL can reach you upon delivery.


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