This pillows provides passive massage of the face and eliminates wrinkles. After sleeping on the latex pillow you become the owner of a vigorous and healthy appearance.

Key Features:

  • 100% Organic natural night harvesting latex
  • Medium firmness design
  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic material
  • Life Span: 30 ~ 40 Years
  • Pillow comes with pillow case

Note: The pillow may be packed using high tech vacuum packaging technology for easy handling and safe transportation. It will expand in minutes after unpacking and will restore to its usable shape within 24 hours. To reach full thickness, please allow for a few more days for the comfort layers to fully restore.

STANDARD NIGHT MEDIUM 40х60х12,5 Standard universal pillow for those who used to sleep on the normal pillows. Combines all the main advantages of latex pillows. What is Latex

Latex is a product of natural origin, the sap of hevea tree. This milky sap flows from a tap in the bark the same way as jelly flows from the stalks of dandelion, celandine and milkweed. We produce only natural products made of 100% latex, whose composition does not include synthetic rubber or other synthetic materials, traditionally used in the production of furniture and bedding. Latex products are long-lived and provide maximum comfort. The latex product line is quite diverse and is designed to satisfy the taste of any customer. Here you can buy latex mattresses, latex pillows, baby kits (which include pillows and bedding latex foam). Each product is represented in all possible sizes, shapes and degrees of firmness.

Due to the antibacterial properties of the latex, microorganizms and saprophytes do not infest in latex products, which reduces the risk of allergic and respiratory diseases. Therefore pillows are recommended for people prone to allergies and respiratory diseases, as well as children. Dust (Saprophytic) mites (Dermatophagoidespteronyssinus) can not survive in the latex.

Due to the special forms that are used to make pillows and mattresses, they have a porous structure with communicating holes. Pneumatic capillaries provide excellent air circulation, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Body "breathes", and the person does not sweat on these pillows and mattresses. You are guaranteed a good night's sleep without wet hair in the morning and redness.

Orthopedic latex pillows help to support the head while sleeping in the right position to fully relax the cervical spine and relieve the load from the neck muscles. This makes the headache disappear in the morning, and brings a feeling of lightness. Of course, latex pillows do not heal low back pain, but they will help to reduce pain and improve the general condition.

Latex mattresses conform to a body's contour, they are flexible and easy to use. Natural latex mattresses have several zones of rigidity, specially designed for the proper distribution of the body load. Body weight is evenly distributed and the spine takes a physiologically correct position, which promotes complete relaxation and relieves muscle tension. Latex mattress support body without squeezing blood vessels, without affecting blood circulation, thus removing the load on the heart muscle.


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