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3 in 1 Facial care, Body Care, Nourish hair Made from high quality materials. Apply before makeup to make it lasts all day long. Very fragrant, not rancid. It’s not sticky. Soft to touch.   Purpose: - Applied on face or body to protect skin from bacterial infection, remove skin...
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Lovely Hair Clip. (23 types), Please specify type that you want, These products are all handmade. #hair #clip #barette #beauty #lovely #care #accessories
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Cool Key Ring (19 different types) Please specify the amount and type that you would like to purchase
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Description: This pillows provides passive massage of the face and eliminates wrinkles. After sleeping on the latex pillow you become the owner of a vigorous and healthy appearance. Key Features: 100% Organic natural night harvesting latex Medium firmness design Hypoallergenic and hygienic material Life Span: 30 ~ 40 Years Pillow...
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Description: Facial Mask Sheets popular among Thai and Chinese. ANJERI FACIAL MASK GOLD For Acne: Treat Acne Reduce Acne Scars Firming Brighten the Complexion Hydrating Ingredients: Seaweed Allontion Betaine Collagen Butanediol Epidermal Growth Fator Glycerol Snail Secretion Deionized Water Gold Foil ANJERI FACIAL MASK SILVER For Anti Aging: Hydrating Rejuvenate Skin...
Description: Gel nipple to reduce dark circles around the nipple. Yanhee Pink Gel, 10 g. Reduce dark circles around the nipples, then fade Keep skin soft and moisturized. None Harmful substances. Ingredients: Glutathione, Tranexamic Acid, Arbutin, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Vitamin C, Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis leaf extract) Direction: Apply...
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Description: Anti cough pastille brand 5 TAKABB, is a traditional well known pastille in Thailand used to against cough and dissolve phlegm. Takabb Anti-Cough Pill established for over 70 years. Herbals Anti Cough Pills" products are popular among Thailand. In Asia, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and...
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Description: The seaweed from deep sea and the amaze of herbs planted in the Eastern Asia provide the liveliness during cleansing your skin. The fine texture of natural soap provides a balance pH that is best to your skin. To combine the properties of japonica herbs. To adjust the balance...
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Description: Innovative Tier Food Carrier, Smart Lock (Range from 1 to 9) Made from Stainless Steel SUS304 Modern and Elegant Design, Can be assembled as you wish from 1 story to 9 stories. Stainless Cover can also keep spoon. Each story has seal cover to stop any leakage Can store...
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Description: The Poy-Sian provides valuable services with fatigue, looseness, malaise, nausea, dizziness, unpleasant odors, headaches, mild flu symptoms, nasal congestion, itching, insect bites, or even nicotine withdrawal. With its manifold effects and potential applications the Poy-Sian faces greatest popularity in Thailand and is also increasingly discovered by "foreigners" and tourists...
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Description: About the product Pack contains 9 sheets of crispy grilled Classic Flavor Seaweed Actual pack (Not Contetents) measures 9"x7" Resealable zipper lock Popular Thai Snack Product of Thaialnd Fired Seaweed Crispy Taokaenoi Thai Snack Delicious Food Big Sheet 35 G Halal. Taokaenoi Japanese Fried Seaweed is manufactured by high...
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Description: THE GREEN BALM (Product of Thailand) For antipruritic from insect bite, relief of sprains and strains. Ingredients: Petroleum Jelly 45 %. Barlerialupulina 24 %. Paraffin 15 % Menthol 8 % Pogostemon Caslin 5 % Camphor 3 % Indication: Itches, insect bites, for stings strains, sprains, inhale, for relief of...
Description: The combination that creates the perfect eyelash. The formula encompasses the magical gel property that enables you to have perfect make-up for the whole day. Extension Mascara with innovation“New wisdom film forming technology”keep your face beautiful for whole day. Benefits: Carbon black polymer blackened your eyelash Lash fiber extending...
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Description: Tiger balm medicated patches warm is one of the best stiff neck remedies, the warm pain relief patch is comfortable to wear, provides long lasting relief and developed with Tiger Balm’s .distinctive formulation. Tiger Balm Plaster (Warm) is a unique preparation that provides long lasting, soothing relief for stiff...


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